The Yusuf Trilogy DVD

The Yusuf Trilogy, by Semih Kaplanoglu - one of the most acclaimed writer-directors of contemporary film making in Turkey. The first two films in Kaplanoglu’s reverse-order trilogy were screened at festivals around the world, Yumurta (Egg) picking up over 30 awards in total and Süt (Milk) earning Kaplanoglu the FIPRESCI prize at the Istanbul Film Festival. Bal (Honey), the final film in the trilogy, went on to win the coveted Golden Bear Award at last year’s Berlin Film Festival.

Bal (Honey)
Set in an isolated region in Northeast Turkey, six year old Yusuf has just started primary school and is learning how to read and write. His father Yakup works as a honey-gatherer, a risky trade which involves climbing up ropes into the tops of trees. To Yusuf, who accompanies his father to work, the forest becomes a place of mystery and adventure, and he watches his father in admiration as he works sometimes higher than the eye can see. Yusuf and his father have a very strong bond and although he is tongue-tied to the point of stuttering paralysis in social situations, he can read and speak quite clearly when he’s addressing his father. Ridiculed by his classmates for his stammer, Yusuf’s anxieties escalate when his father must travel to a faraway forest in a treacherous mountainous area. Days pass and Yusuf and his mother become anxious when Yakup doesn’t return. Distraught, Yusuf slips into silence but finally summons all his courage and alone, runs deep into the forest to search for his father. A journey into the unknown

Süt (Milk)
Recent high school graduate Yusuf is uncertain about his future in the provincial countryside. Writing poetry is his greatest passion and he is starting to be published in obscure literary journals but, for the time being, he continues working for his mother's village milk business. Up until now, Yusuf's widowed mother Zehra has focused all her attention on her only child. Still a young and beautiful woman, Zehra is having a discreet relationship with the town station master. His mother's affair and being named unfit for military service due to a childhood illness, make Yusuf even more anxious about his impending transition to manhood. Will young Yusuf be able to handle the changes to his peaceful existence? Can he survive on poetry and working alongside his mother in her small-time milk business? Or will he be forced to move to the big city or seek a job in one of the many factories threatening the unspoiled landscape?

Yumurta (Egg)
Poet Yusuf learns of his mother’s death and returns to his hometown after many years. In his mother's house his young cousin Ayla awaits him and informs him about his mother’s dying wish to perform a ritual sheep sacrifice. The pair set out on a journey to the tomb of a saint to perform the ritual. Arriving late in the evening, the they are forced to wait until dawn to complete their task. Checking into a labyrinthine hotel, the pair find themselves in the middle of a wedding feast and are drawn closer to one another through their parallel discomfort and alienation as the festivities carry on around them. A film about confronting the ghosts of the past, the guilt of the present and the challenge of a new relationship.
Directed by: Semih Kaplanoglu
Produced by: Semih Kaplanoglu

Technical Details:

Bal: 104 mins, Yumurta: 97 mins, Sut: 102 mins
Bal: PG, Yumurta: 12, Sut: U
Turkish with English Subtitles
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"Semih Kaplanoglu possesses a keen eye for ravishing pictorial beauty"
Time Out

Financial Times

"Superb... Poetic film-making"
The Guardian


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