Drakes Avenue Pictures and the ICO are pleased to announce that Niels Arden Oplevís (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) We Shall Overcome will be available on DVD for the first time from 22 July.

Set in the late 60ís in provincial Den mark, We Shall Overcome is an award winning family film, based on a true story, about a young boyís fight against a brutal headmaster.

It is the summer of 1969 and thirteen year old Fritsí family have just acquired their first television set.  Fritsí father has recently suffered a nervous breakdown and young Frits is highly susceptible to events at home, at school and in the rapidly changing wider world.

With his father in hospital, Frits finds himself surrounded by other male figures of authority.  His music teacher becomes his friend and confidant, introducing him to inspirational singers and helping him to find his own identity.  His headmaster, a respected member of the local community, is a tyrant who bullies children in private and eventually beats Frits so severely that he needs stitches for his injuries.  Fritsí grandfather is present but absent in his refusal to stand up to those around him. 

But it is Martin Luther King who speaks to Frits all summer long through the newly acquired television set.  Kingís speeches and dreams of a better life armour Frits with the courage and desire to stand up to the authorities. As the political seeds of rebellion are sewn in the world around him that summer, Frits goes on his own uplifting and very personal journey

Release date: 22 July
Certificate: tbc
Running time: 109 mins
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