TABU is released today!

Miguel Gomes' "Unmissable" (View London) & "Simply glorious" (DailyTelegraph) TABU is out today - from New Wave Films & Verve.

Showing this week at:
ICA London
Curzon Renoir
Sheffield Showroom
Nottingham Broadway
Bristol Watershed
Dalston Rio
Panton Street Odeon
Glasgow Film Theatre
Edinburgh Filmhouse
Cambridge picturehouse
Dublin IFI

After Our Beloved Month of August, Miguel Gomes returns with Tabu, an engaging, provocative and poetic film set both in Portugal and in an un-named African location.

Bearing the same title as F. W. Murnauís classic Tabu (1931), shot in black and white and taking place at least partly in a distant land, Gomesí third feature film is divided in two distinctive yet complementary storylines. Whilst the first part, shot in 35mm and in the present time, portrays a society wallowing in nostalgia, the second part, shot in 16mm, goes back in time and plays with history, sound, the concept of linear narration, as well as the ideas of melodrama, slapstick, passion and tragedy. Both parts feature Aurora at two different stages of her life: an older Aurora regrets a past long gone while a younger Aurora dreams of a more passionate life.

A virtuoso film, Tabu also offers a reflection on Europeís colonial past.

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