Verve Pictures acquires SHELL!

We are very excited to announce that Verve Pictures have acquired SHELL, a Scottish feature film supported and financed by Creative Scotland and UK Film Council, written and directed by Scott Graham. SHELL is produced by David Smith and Margaret Matheson, who previously worked on our current release IN THE DARK HALF, and stars Joseph Mawle (‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’, ‘Birdsong’ – BAFTA nomination) and Chloe Pirrie. More information on the film after the jump.
Shell is woken every morning by the passing of the dawn truck before going outside to pump petrol for passers-by. Her mother left on a passing truck when Shell was a child never to return. Today Shell’s father Pete dismantles wrecked cars for scrap in their yard. He’s been a good father to Shell. It’s only now that she is becoming a woman, reminding him of the woman who left and broke his heart, that their relationship has become so painful.
Pete flinches every time Shell touches him and she touches him as often and as tenderly as she can. She can see he needs to be loved. She understands what he lost when her mother left and she’s willing to give that to him. Pete resists and withdraws into the solitude and violence of his work. Shell in turn acts as a siren who attracts passers-by to the petrol station and to her. The sound of Pete’s hammer cuts through her conversations with men. Her regulars all grow to depend on her being there for fuel, a smile, an embrace. Sometimes cars don’t stop but Shell feels them taking a piece of her as much as the ones that do.
A couple from the city collide with a deer and come looking for help at the garage in the dead of night. Pete and Shell help them in exchange for the wrecked car Pete will break up and sell on as scrap. They also take the deer which Pete butchers and expects Shell to cook to get them through the winter. But Shell’s encounter with the animal as it lay dying on the road means she cannot bring herself to eat from the carcass that hangs in their yard and it begins in her a realisation that she too is being fed on by passers-by and even by her father, the man she loves too much to leave.
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